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Hydro Jetting

When you need serious drain cleaning and clearing power, DC Family Plumbing offers superior hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting uses water pressure to knock out tough clogs that are no match for conventional drain cleaning methods. It’s important to keep in mind that the plumbing in your home is very fragile, and even a small clog can create a large headache over time.

As debris builds within your drains and pipes, more materials become attached, and before you know it, you have a serious mess on your hands. Once this occurs, even the toughest conventional cable drain cleaning equipment may not be able to help.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting
  • Clear out tough drain clogs that don't respond to snakes and chemicals
  • Remove deposits and various difficult buildup in drains and other areas
  • Easily slice through roots that have caused blockage
  • Flush lines that have become clogged with grease and debris

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What is Water Jetting?

Water jetting, also known as Hydro jetting, is basically power-washing the inside of your pipes. Using special equipment, professional plumbers can send a high-pressure jet of water through the pipes to blast through stubborn clogs and blockages in the pipes without damaging the plumbing.

In cases where clogs are resistant to traditional methods of snaking or dissolving or where pipes are too delicate to use harsh chemicals, hydro jetting uses the simple yet powerful force of water pressure to break apart clogs and get your pipes flowing freely again.

Hydro jetting is accomplished with a specialized machine that pumps water at high pressure. It often looks like a cart but can also be truck-mounted with a long hose.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

  • Clear out tough drain clogs that don’t respond to snakes and chemicals
  • Remove deposits and various difficult buildups in drains and other areas
  • Easily slice through roots that have caused a blockage
  • Flush lines that have become clogged with grease and debris
  • Protect your pipes from harsh chemicals

Hydro-jetting is an extremely efficient way to clean pipes that uses steady and intense pressure rather than mechanical or chemical means. Some clogs form that cannot be easily snaked or dissolved through normal methods.

Hydro jetting doesn’t just remove typical clogs, however. It’s especially useful for situations where the problem is not a typical blocking mass. Corrosion and mineral buildup-for example, is more easily blasted away to re-open the width of a pipe using hydro jetting. Hydro jetting can also be used to break apart tree roots that have invaded your pipes, with or without root-killing chemicals.

Using high-pressure water can also reduce the risk to your pipes, especially if you have older plumbing. Strong drain-cleaning chemicals are sometimes a bad idea, and hydro jetting can break up clogs while keeping your pipes safe.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting is a highly effective method used to clear clogs and blockages in plumbing systems. It involves the use of high-pressure water to remove debris, buildup, and obstructions from pipes and drains. The process typically starts with a professional plumber inspecting the pipes using a camera to identify the location and severity of the clog.

Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will insert a specialized nozzle into the pipe. This nozzle is connected to a high-pressure water tank or machine that generates water pressure of up to 4000 psi or more. The plumber then releases a controlled stream of water through the nozzle into the pipe.

As the high-pressure water flows through the pipe, it scours the interior walls, dislodging and flushing away any debris, grease, tree roots, or other obstructions that may be causing the clog. The force of the water is strong enough to break up even the toughest blockages and push them through the pipe system. When hydro jetting, expect a little water to come back up the drain as the clog is broken down. This is perfectly normal until the clog clears and water can flow freely into the sewer lines as intended.

The plumber will slowly move the nozzle through the pipe, ensuring that all areas are thoroughly cleaned. They may also adjust the water pressure and nozzle angle as needed to effectively remove the clog without causing any damage to the pipes.

When Is It Necessary to Hydro-Jet Your Sewer Line?

Your plumbers will likely suggest hydro jetting your sewer line if a clog or drain slowness is resistant to normal drain remedies. Typically, a plumber will use a snake to break up a clog. However, some clogs cannot be easily snaked due to the composition of the clog or because the clog is caused by something more solid like mineral buildup, corrosion debris, or invasive tree roots. These kinds of clogs are also difficult to break up with drain-safe chemicals.

If normal methods have not been effective, hydro jetting may become necessary as the best option to clear your pipes. However, it is typically safe as a final remedy due to a slightly higher hydro jetting cost and because the machinery is quite specialized.

Do Your Drains Need Hydro Jetting Service?

Some home drains have reached the point where normal drain-clearing remedies do not work. If your home has slow drains and frequent clogs even after professional plumber visits, the answer may go beyond typical solutions. In these situations, hydro jetting is the most likely to provide appreciable results without damage to your pipes.

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